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The future is already here. Smart House

Do you remember the story of Ray Bradbury “There Will Come Soft Rains”, published in 1950? It’s about a smart house that was left without ...
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Cyprus Property Transfer Fees and VAT

Cyprus Property Transfer Fees and VAT MPs in Cyprus are planning to revise Property Transfer Fees and the VAT paid on land sales to eliminate ...
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Permanent Residence Permit

A Permanent Residence permit in Cyprus may be acquired if the applicant falls within one of the six categories “A-F” described in the Regulations

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Cyprus (EU) Citizenship Program

Cyprus offers arguably the most attractive citizenship programs by investment criteria in the EU. The new immigration initiative is aimed at non European migrant entrepreneurs and investors.

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Financing Programs

P.Harakis, in collaboration with its associates Merit Group, performs financial feasibility studies on projects to determine future returns and assess investment viability.

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