High-tech for home. The future is knocking on our door

High-tech for home is penetrating our home and everyday life all the more. This is not only a matter of prestige, but also a lifestyle choice and a health booster. High-tech can impact every facet of your life even while you are away at work or miles away on vacation. With a growing market for smart home gadgets, it’s hard not to associate today’s home goods with something high-tech.

According to analysts from Markets and Markets, by 2023 the global market for smart homes could reach $138 billion. Smart homes are fully integrated with our smartphones and gadgets, the existence of which we could not have predicted 10 years ago. How do you imagine your home in a few years?

High-tech for home

To turn on the light or adjust the heating with one click on the smartphone is a today’s reality. But we are approaching the moment when a home will learn to recognize the master’s voice or glance and instantly carry out all their commands. To use the phone for this will not be necessary any more.

Already today, voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home, are becoming increasingly popular. These virtual assistants are becoming smarter and faster every year and cover more and more languages.

Unified network

Smart home control system very soon can become your main assistant. Light, water, heat – all these will be adjusted according to your habits, schedules and data from a variety of sensors. In addition, this system will help you to use resources more economically. For example, it will consolidate the information about consumption of water, heat and electricity. This information will help to maintain your comfortable standard of livingat minimum cost. This, by the way, is the reason to start looking at the solutions of a smart home alreadynow. Yes, high technology for the home is expensive, but the potential savings will cover the costs shortly. In addition, a smart IT system for home management will also help you with an insurance fee. Many insurance companies are willing to make discounts to customers that use high-tech for home.

Technologies with abilities

So that the smart system could seriously help with domestic issues, it is necessary to provide it with assistants. As an example, a smart refrigerator that will audit your products. Then your smart system will be able to order the delivery of the missing food in the online store on time.

Another device, without which your home is unlikely to be considered smart in 10 years, is a robot cook. Such device is already being developed by the British company Moley Robotics. It is assumed that the robot will be able to cook according to recipes, and to wash the dishes after the meal. The creators of the robotic kitchen promise that their device will be available yet in 2018.

Your bathroom in the future will also be smart. For example, it will get a touch screen with an artificial intelligence. It will tell you how to tie a tie or what kind of makeup to do. Such a device is already under developmentby a New York startup.

In the bedroom, each device or piece of furniture will work together to ensure that you sleep well. We are not only talking about blinds control or comfortable temperature and humidity. A smart bed will heat your half of the bed to the desired temperature and will take exactly the shape most convenient for you.

Smart electricity

Of course, to have all the benefits of a smart home, you need the most advanced solutions in electrics. Modern smart dimmers, switches and thermostats can be controlled directly through the application from a smartphone or tablet.The application will allow you to activate useful features, like function of “waking up”, “falling asleep” or simulate presence. High-tech for home can easily combine all devices wirelessly into a single system.

One of the most pressing issues in Cyprus is expensive electricity. A smart switchboard will help you to control the electricityconsumption. This device will automatically deliver you all the data about the cost of electricity. If the house for some reasonstarts to spend too much energy in your absence, you will be informedabout it. And you will be able to turn off the electricity supply remotely. This way ofsaving electricity is gaining increasing popularity.

Environment available for robots

Most likely, high-tech for home will lead to the fact that our homes will look completely different. We are increasingly adapting our homes to new technologies. And this means that the task is not only for developers, but also for interior designers. Even the smartest robot vacuum cleaner will not be able to overcome the usual plinth-threshold. And for the delivery robot, the door handle or mailbox lid can become an insurmountable barrier. Therefore, an environment hosting more and more diverse robots will have to adapt. That’s why a “universal design” of space that will be convenient for both people and robots is needed and should be targeted.

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