“Smart” bus stops in Cyprus. New technologies in action

New technologies

Cyprus continues to follow the path of high technologies. We have already written about “smart” homes and an energy saving programme. And although public transport appeared in Cyprus not long ago, “smart” stops in Cyprus will soon become a reality.

With increasing number of public and personal transport, the question of centralized traffic management arises. One of the methods to solve this problem is to use “smart” stops in the city streets.

“Smart” stops in Cyprus

In September the Ministry of Transport signed a contract for the implementation and installation of “smart” bus stops in Cyprus. In addition, buses will be equipped with information boards.

The project will be implemented in Limassol, where 40 new generation bus stops will appear. All bus stops will be equipped with an electronic scoreboard, which will show information about the expected arrival time of public transport and the movement of buses. They will be installed by the Spanish company GMV Sistemas which won the tender. “Smart” bus stops will be primarily located along the Limassol sea road, the rest – at the intersections of bus routes.

40 buses will also have “smart” scoreboards. According to the Minister of Transport of Cyprus, information about the routes and nearby attractions will be shown on the boards.

The future of “smart” bus stops in Cyprus

The Ministry of Transport noted that it intends to sign an agreement with six municipalities of Limassol. This agreement is supposed to cover purchase and installation of 300 super-modern bus stops. Each will cost 8,000 euros. Municipalities will receive profits from the sale of advertising space at bus stops.

“The “smart” bus stop design implies a combination of classic and high-tech styles. This will allow to incorporate the construction not only into the layout of historical buildings of the central streets. It will be also easy to fit it in the new modern districts of the city”, the Ministry of Transport explained.

New technologies by Harakis

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